Magical Moments with Meilin Ehlke

Bring Clarity and Be Your Creative Self

Meet Meilin:

Meilin Ehlke, world-renowned artist and healer, guides Illuminated Leaders from around the world to follow the wisdom seeker’s way and bloom into their beauty.

For the past 10 years, Meilin has helped hundreds of thousands of people to connect with the source of universal knowledge so they can feel whole, rejuvenated, and empowered to seek their chosen path.

Meilin’s connection to source wisdom is what helps others flourish. Join Meilin for a private Sacred Songs Session to awaken memories within your cells - to your interconnectedness, your source of origin, so you can live your being...

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Once you begin to rely on insights from your experiences, you can begin to see how everything materialized from the heart, the source, it is beautiful.

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Energy Art

My art form is translation. I am the translator for divine light, non-material divinity, Göttlichkeit. I stay in tune to the flow in each moment as I adapt, get drawn into, or urged to express. I manifest and then materialize; I am a direct translator, it flows through me. I help you become aware of consciousness so you can better understand your truth. Once you understand your truth, you will be able to break new ground and explore new avenues, Eröffnung neuer Wege.

Grow with Guidance

Messages come through many expressive languages: dance, discussion, drawing, painting, rhythmic drumming, singing, and touch. Often, sounds and graphic expressions flow very quickly once a connection is established. A need is identified within you; it emerges and flows between us as we materialize awareness.

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Your intuition has brought you here so an exchange can take place.

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Unfurl Your Wishes

There is an unfolding waiting to take place, a readiness to open and bloom without restrictions and regulations that are our social norm.

Do you see the need for a shift, a movement, while wishing for a transformation? Your restlessness, internal unrest, and uncertainty hold you captive and lost in space. You are intensely missing what was and longing for home.

  • You are craving… more.
  • You are yearning and longing for… something.
  • You desire a flourishing of… yourself.

We live in a spectrum of art, love, sound and warmth. It is your time to bloom!

Are you ready to recover your inner balance?

Community of Light: Seeking and Expressing Cosmic Wisdom

Follow Your Curiosity

Holding conversation when I am with you fascinates me, lights up my life. It is fuel for me. It is my passion, my purpose, and my happiness. Together, we have fun as we exchange wisdom and recognize truth through feelings, Gefühle. Action toward growth is to reconnect you to what you are seeking and wishing to change, Veränderung.

We open ourselves for transformation so we can materialize our expansion for a shifting of what is possible. It is a transformation of awareness and a shift in perception. We blossom as we materialize the light from within as we embrace our safeguarded emotionsNow is your time to blossom and I am here to guide you on your journey of remembering the grandness, uniqueness, and the gift you are to the world.

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Thanks – My Heart – Smiles

Meilin is one of those rare people that radiates love, wisdom, and healing energy. Just being in her presence is a joy. When I worked with her she helped me to uncover something within just a few minutes that I had buried for decades. Two hours with Meilin helped me go deeper with self awareness and healing than years of talk therapy. Everyone should give themselves the gift of working with Meilin!

Jenny Kassan,, USA

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