Magical Shamanic Healing for your Pet

Embark on a shamanic healing adventure with your animal friend. Discover the generosity of your loved pet as you immerse in healings, opinions, and guidance. Together, your pet and spirits shine light onto your interwoven lives. Freely immerse in healing energy during this unique and unexpected experience together.

Your Magical Journey

As a healer, I am often guided by spirits or ancestors to sing sounds – songs, intonations, and chants – it is one of my unique gifts. Follow the path that supports your blossoming as these essences of sound provide you and your pet with wisdom needed in the moment. Together, your animal friend and you will experience multidimensional guidance in the form of channeled intonations of healing sound.

Explore and Grow with Meilin

Come back with a deeper understanding of each other. Observe how this reconnection of your companionship lets you both align your expanded awareness. Experience this adventure virtually and receive an audio recording to remember this magic.

What to Expect

*Please reserve one hour of time for this experience

*Magical Shamanic Journey over the phone or in person



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    1. Cecelia
      March 13, 2016

      What a peaceful site.

      With grace,

      • Meilin Ehlke
        March 13, 2016

        Thank you, Cecelia. I thank my cats of bringing me peacefulness.


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