Living an Ageless and Beautiful Life – Magazine

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Living an Ageless and Beautiful Life – Magazine

Living an Ageless and Beautiful Life

is a digital magazine to help you to create your best life says the producer, Sharon Ball. Her intention is to give you the resources and inspiration you need to recreate your life into the life you always dreamed of. When I saw her call for articles in March, I found her idea fitting and decided to grow myself a bit out of the fear of writing. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and wrote, my first article ‘Blossom into your own truth‘. I can now pride myself of being a published author with 14 other women. Yepeeeee…
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Why did I write for Sharon’s e-magazine you may ask? I found that Sharon really lives authentically and with integrity what she teaches. This is why I also became curious to get to know her better and invited her for a conversation to be shared with you.
So without further do… click below for the interview: Enjoy…

Conversation with Sharon Ball