365 Life Shifts

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365 Life Shifts

365 Life Shifts..

17880 days of shifts in my life and counting. Even more because sometimes several happen during a day. Looking back at this number I am thinking, “Maybe it is one big shift?” Yes it is. Shifting from the non-material realms into the material one to experience our Beauty for awhile.

Next to the SHIFT, I write about in this book, I experienced transmuting my resistance to writing. This journey started last year when from deep inside me. I nudged myself into signing up for 365 Days of Grace, the 2nd book in the series, after having put off signing up for the first one. Yes, it may have been the title not calling me, but in truth, I felt inadequate to express myself in the written form – too many F’s since grade school. Now after being co-published with such magical co-authors twice I have not only the vision to write my book but also started jotting down words and more. I feel excited for my future process of expressing myself in the written art form.


February 21, 2017 on our launch day, this book became a #1 International Bestseller and #1 in 6 more categories, as did the prior book 365 Moment of Grace last year. Fascinating what magical inspirational impact for the world these stories are co-creating.
The wisdom I received from my writing experience this time around I channeled in to a spoken word and sung meditation for you. The sounds are here to inspire you and to create magnificent supporting experiences of frequency charged changes for you…

Once you ordered your copy of the book go here to choose gifts from me and my co-authors that suit you. http://www.jodichapman.com/365-life-shifts-bonus-gifts-sign-page/


Get a glimpse of the book in this beautiful video Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck created so beautifully. Enjoy…